Fact Checking Policy

RMN News Fact-Checking Policy

RMN News is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in all of its content. We are committed to delivering truthful information to our audience and take several measures to ensure the veracity of our reporting.

As a news outlet focused on regional community issues essential for rural, social, and environmental development, we prioritize well-sourced and evidence-based reporting. Our team of journalists and volunteers adheres to a strict code of ethics, refraining from deliberate plagiarism or distortion of facts and contexts, including visual information.

We approach all claims and information with skepticism, questioning assumptions, and challenging conventional wisdom. Independent verification from credible sources is sought, especially when dealing with claims made by public officials or individuals with specific agendas. Claims and content that cannot be corroborated are typically attributed as such.

RMN News stands by the accuracy of the information it publishes. In the event of proven inaccuracies, we are committed to swiftly correcting the news item or information. We do not knowingly mislead our audience, distort facts, or present invented material as truth, as we recognize the importance of maintaining the trust of our readers.

We provide a transparent avenue for the public to report any inaccuracies or errors through the ‘Suggest A Correction’ section, which appears at the end of every web story. Our journalists’ primary responsibility includes reporting, writing, and fact-checking stories, with each story undergoing review by one or more editors. RMN News employs a multi-level fact-checking structure for stories requiring due diligence, with the seniority of editors involved varying based on factors such as complexity, sensitivity, and time constraints.

RMN News remains steadfast in its commitment to accurate, reliable, and ethical journalism, recognizing that our reputation and audience trust are built on the foundation of truthful and transparent reporting.